The Scrollmap page of this site eases the generation of bitmap maps  of any area on the globe. These maps can then be taken on portable devices.


It displays the Goggle Map around the selected point and allows you to browse and zoom in and out anywhere on this map.


The section below describes how the map page is working. Although it should be pretty straight forward below are a few tips and tricks to allow you use the page optimally.


Clicking the map puts a marker whose longitude latitude coordinate is put in 2 text fields.


In these very same fields you can enter a GPS coordinate (WGS84 standard) and then press the goto button. The map will then be centered at this place


The calibrate button locates 6 calibration points evenly located on your displayed map and puts the calibration text in the field dedicated to this. It also paste this information into the clipboard for convenient pasting into a text file. This calibration has a format compatible to Pathaway 4 and can be saved into a pwm file.


Pushing the map button will open the map in a new browser. Cut and pasting the bitmap into a bmp file and using the previously generated pwm file allows to generate a new map together with the Map Manager delivered with PathAway in seconds.


If you have a Windows PC you can then install MapBasic available on the same site to further automate this process.


Scrollmap once called parses the parameters of the URL you used to call the page. This allows you to customize the way Scroolmap will be shown. This also allows you to programmatically control Scrollmap from a main application. By example you can call the map page with the following link:


You can put the name of a city or a street address in the text field under the search button and then press the search button. The center of the map will then be moved to this very point.


Note that the order of the parameters are not relevant.


Below a list of the parameters you can use

  • mlat: the latitude coordinate of the center point of the map to be displayed.

  • mlong: same thing for the longitude coordinate

  • mz: zoom level. It goes from 0 to 17, where 0 is the highest level of details

  • sx,sy: select the size of the map view port in pixel, x being the horizontal dimension

To clear all markers displayed on the map used the button clear.




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